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LaMotte COD3 Plus Colorimeter - 1925

LaMotte COD3 Plus Colorimeter - 1925

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The user-friendly COD3 Plus Colorimeter is direct reading for on-site water analyses. It features pre-programmed tests, automatic wavelength selection, menu-driven operation, and large backlit display screens. The analyst can simply select the test and put in the sample with reagent. The microprocessor, which selects the wavelength, also allows the user to load up to 25 tests for analyzing custom reagent systems. The data logger holds up to 500 time and date stamped data points which can be downloaded via a USB connection.


Multi-Range COD Reagent Systems


Measure low, medium, or high levels of Chemical Oxygen Demand using your choice of mercury (USEPA approved method) or non-mercury reagent systems. Twenty-five ready to use vials are provided in a fully protected shipping box to meet the demands of today's serious analysts. LaMotte Company introduces the most precise way to measure critical COD levels over a variety of ranges using the SMART Spectro®, the original SMART® Colorimeter and the SMART 2® Colorimeter. Analysts can select from EPA approved mercury-based reagent systems or mercury-free systems to test 0-150 ppm, 0-1,500 ppm or 0-15,000 ppm COD. Each package contains 25 vials with Teflon®-lined caps to offer the maximum level of safety during use. High grade, optical quality, standard size (16mm) vials are protected in a premium EPS foam shipper for full compliance to global shipping requirements. The user simply adds the test sample to the reagent in the vial and heats the vial for up to 2 hours at 150°C (±2°C). Once the digestion is complete just place the tube directly into the meter and read ppm COD.


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